V the Vampire Vigilante Chronicles
V vs the Kinky Kunoichi Klan
V The Vampire Vigilante faces off against K and her gang of kinky kunoichi in her debut in Fetishville.
V vs Generic Thugs
Having proven herself a vigilante, V finds herself up against the Generic Thugs of Fetishville.
V vs IQ
V faces off against a revenge obsessed scientist. But is her Vampiric Wit a match for IQ's test?
V vs The Vampire Hunter
The Vampire Vigilante faces off against the scariest thing known to vampires - a Vampire Hunter!
V vs The Golden Samurai
With a prolific serial killer haunting the city, V finds herself trapped between a justice system that fears her and a mysterious foe worse than any she's faced before. But who is the Vampire of Fetishville? And does V have it in herself to stop them before they kill again?
V vs The Vampire of Fetishville
With the Vampire of Fetishville's identity revealed, V's faced with a difficult dilemma: what does it mean to be a hero?
V vs the Broken Heart
V finds herself in the middle of the most difficult conflict of her short vigilante career. With a friend on one side, and her sense of justice on the other, can V face the truth? How can she save everyone when she can't even save herself?
V vs ...
V the Vampire Vigilante's Continuing adventures in Fetishville! Join V as she fights crime, stops bad guys, and does other cool vampire related things!