Marisu Characters
The Amazing Marisu! Capable of copying the abilities of anyone in any fictional environment she lands in. All she requires is a pencil, paper and the use of her hands. Unfortunately for her, she seldom has the use of her hands.
A completely selfish spoiled brat. She has the incredible power to find fault with absolutely anything.
As a commi-nazi, she's a cliche villain in literally any fictional universe Marisu lands in. She's also a bit of a ditz, which allows her to hold conflicting points of view at the same time.
Sweet, meek and ever so apologetic, Feather's more likely to introduce herself with a timid "... sorry" than her actual name. Despite their polar opposite personalities, she and Sixteen have something of a strange friendship.
First Appearance
Damsel Houses
Agent Blue
An agent of the Fiction Protection Institute (or, FPI). She and her partner, Agent Green, are responsible for protecting the fictional realm from irresponsible fiction hoppers, poor writing and 2 dimensional villains. As a member of the FPI, she enforces fictional laws and takes her job literally. She has a special dislike for exposition, even though she's often the source of it. Agent Blue slightly outranks Agent Green.
First Appearance
Luigi's First Time
Agent Green
An agent of the Fiction Protection Institute (or, FPI). She and her partner, Agent Blue, are responsible for protecting the fictional realm from irresponsible fiction hoppers and the like. The slightly ditzier of the two FPI agents, what Agent Green lacks in common sense, she makes up for in blunt honesty. She's only a jr ranking FPI agent. And if she wasn't an FPI agent, she'd be a space cadet.
First Appearance
Luigi's First Time
V Characters
A vampire by night, she's also a vigilante by night! V is the heroine of her own story. In her own words, she's "a cool, bad-ass crime-fighter; like Batman, if he were a vampire!" Armed with her numerous vampiric abilities, an assortment of gadgets and "scarily adorable fangs", this young looking, pink haired vampiress takes to the streets of Fetishville to fight injustice, stop crime and save the day! That is, when she isn't bound and gagged. Powers, gadgets and abilities: Adorable fangs Bollas Launcher Micro-tech filament rope (self-tying!) Forearm protectors An assortment of 'vampiric abilities': vampiric strength, vampiric speed, vampiric intuition, vampiric curiosity, etc
Strange Girl
Full Name: Mysterious Strange Girl (but everyone just calls her Strange Girl). She is always wearing her school-girl outfit, despite no longer being in school. She truly is a strange girl. The side-kick, friend and technical landlord to V. Strange Girl is the techno-genius, computer-file and inventor of V's various bondage-related gadgets, including the self-tying micro-tech filament rope! (None of that "nano-tech sci-fi mumbo-jumbo" here!)
Golden Samurai
This mysterious character dresses entirely in a samurai outfit painted entirely gold (not real gold, as that would be incredibly heavy). She is one of Fetishville's many heroines, seeking to fight crime, punish the wicked and avenge the innocent victims. And she's not one to be held back by a pesky "code against killing"!
One of Fetishville's many other vigilantes. Coolgirl fights crime for the image (because it's cool!). In fact, everything she does, she does out of an unwavering commitment to 'all things cool'. She even speaks with a faux-british accent. Because what's more cool than being fake-british?
The Vampire Hunter From a long line (allegedly) of Vampire Hunters, this Vampire Hunter has killed many a vampire in her time. And she's not swayed by such flimsy excuses as "i don't kill" or "it's only a halloween costume".
First Appearance
V vs The Vampire Hunter
Dr Ivy Quinn - PhD Particle Physics. Driven mad (as in "angry") by a cut in her "revenge budget", she's sworn to destroy the intelligentsia of Fetishville for standing in the way of scientific progress. After all, what do a bunch of know-nothing NSRC bureaucrats know about doing scientific research?
First Appearance
V vs IQ Part 1 Page 1
Laura Strad
A high-ranking detective for the Fetishville Police Department, she sometimes goes by "Inspector Laura Strad". Just 'cause. She's been tasked with getting to the bottom of the horrific Vampire of Fetishville murders by the chief of the FPD. May or may not have a "thing" for vampires.
CEO of MalCo and creator of the Generic Thug brand! L is a strict adherent to the law of Supply and Demand (the only law that matters to her). And she's not about to let a bunch of evil socialist bureaucrats tell her how to run her business!
Name Princess
AKA, The Many Named Girl AKA, Alias Princess AKA, The Girl with Many Names AKA... One of Fetishville's many super heroines. She has yet to come up with a singular superhero name; so she's opted instead for all of them! What she lacks in naming quality she more than makes up for in naming quantity.
The leader of the Kinky Kunoichi Klan. K has one goal in life: to acquire wealth in the most cliche of bad-guy ways. If that means knocking off dozens of banks in a row, so be it. No one ever said evil had to be creative.
Laura Characters
Laura's training to be a master of rope-jutsu. But most of her experience is on the other side of the rope. Something of a motor-mouth, she has a unique ability to fill up silence with a seemingly never ending stream of ditzy thoughts. But despite her ditziness, Laura takes her kunoichi training seriously. She may be handed missions far beyond her competencies, but Laura will always try to do her very best. Even though that frequently ends with her getting tied up. Skills and abilities: -extensive knowledge of many bondage positions -basic fighting skills -flexiblility
The second least competent member of Team 5, Jessica finds herself tied up almost (but not nearly) as often as Laura. While she is loyal to her team and is on somewhat friendly terms with Laura, she still frequently finds herself frustrated by Laura's ditziness and near constant chatter.
The most competent member of Team 5 (though that's not saying much), Kikyo is blessed with a degree of patience. Which fortunately helps her in dealing with her much more emotional team members. Still, it seems part of her team's luck that she is almost as frenquently tied up as Laura and Jessica.
Kunoichi on Queen
Students of the Kunoichi on Queen dojo slash school of ninjitsu. Located two blocks away, they are the hated rivals of the Kunoichi on King. These kunoichi are distinguished from their rivals by their general competence and dark coloured clothing. Like the Kunoichi on King, they, too, take missions from clients. This, along with the intense inter-school rivalry, means the students from both schools often find themselves facing off with one another on opposing sides. Probably evil, since the Kunoichi on King are "probably good".
First Appearance
First Mission: Monday
Kunoichi Sensei
She is the primary teacher of the Kunoichi on King dojo slash school of ninjitsu. It is her job to teach the new students the basics of what it means to be a female ninja (kunoichi). Like most of the Kunoichi on King, she specializes in restraint-based martial arts, including escapology and a western-fusion form of hojojutsu. She may seem like the tough, no-nonsense kind of teacher who cares about her pupils. But the truth is, her years of service as an educator have turned her into a cold cynic.
First Appearance
Laura's First Day
King St Scouts
The most competent organization on King. Ranging in age from 12-19, this organization produces some of the most competent, battle hardened warriors on King. The King St Scouts are rivals to the Kunoichi on King in the same way a porsch rivals a bicycle as a mode of transportation. In actuality, the Kunoichi on King often end up as opponents simply by virtue of proximity or as the result of a poorly selected mission. Still, when it comes to earning all those badges in knot-tying, roping and ball-gagging, the Kunoichi on King make for some good practice dummies.