V vs the Kinky Kunoichi Klan

V The Vampire Vigilante faces off against K and her gang of kinky kunoichi in her debut in Fetishville.

V vs Generic Thugs

Having proven herself a vigilante, V finds herself up against the Generic Thugs of Fetishville.
Mar 19, 2016Part 2 Page 1
Mar 19, 2016Part 2 Page 2
Mar 19, 2016Part 2 Page 3
Mar 19, 2016Part 2 Page 4
Mar 19, 2016Part 2 Page 5
Apr 01, 2016Part 3 Page 1
Apr 01, 2016Part 2 Page 3
Apr 01, 2016Part 3 Page 3
Apr 01, 2016Part 3 Page 4

V vs IQ

V faces off against a revenge obsessed scientist. But is her Vampiric Wit a match for IQ's test?

V vs The Vampire Hunter

The Vampire Vigilante faces off against the scariest thing known to vampires - a Vampire Hunter!

V vs The Vampire of Fetishville

With the Vampire of Fetishville's identity revealed, V's faced with a difficult dilemma: what does it mean to be a hero?
Jun 03, 2017I heart V

V vs the Broken Heart

V finds herself in the middle of the most difficult conflict of her short vigilante career. With a friend on one side, and her sense of justice on the other, can V face the truth? How can she save everyone when she can't even save herself?

The Incredibly Awesome Adventures of the Amazing Marisu

The Incredibly Awesome Adventures of the Amazing Marisu! Also her "friends", Elena the Comminazi, and Sixteen the spoiled brat. But Marisu's the real star.
Dec 31, 2015Anger Management 1
Dec 31, 2015Anger Management 2
Jan 23, 2016Luigi's First Time
Feb 06, 2016Drawing Straws
Mar 26, 2016Happy Easter
Dec 03, 2016Damsel Houses
Feb 11, 2017Sisters sisters
May 20, 2017Sorry
Aug 21, 2017Marisu the Heretic
Mar 17, 2018No Mercy!
Jun 22, 2018Marisu meets Penny
Aug 04, 2018Trying to get free
Sep 08, 2018Pokemon Puns
Jan 05, 2019The Marisu Manga
Jan 26, 20195 Panel Yonkoma
May 19, 2019Marisu Manga Comic
Jul 07, 2019Sounds odd
Aug 04, 2019Marisuzumiya
Aug 11, 2019Marisu Tendo
Oct 20, 2019Sailor Marisu
Mar 01, 2020Marisu's New Look
Apr 27, 2020Peach's Double
Oct 31, 20222022 halloween
Apr 24, 2023Sailor Marisu

The Ditzy Misadventures of Laura the Kunoichi

A novice ninja for the illustrious King Street Kunoichi, Laura's eager to prove herself and become a master of the art of Rope-Jutsu - a restraint-based martial art. Of course, Laura's ditziness and talkative nature often result in her getting more experience as a tie-ee than tie-er.
Dec 31, 2017Laura's First Day
May 06, 2018Laura's Eye Spy
May 13, 2018Ball vs Cloth
Jun 09, 2018Laura's Freedom
Jan 19, 2019Laura the Captor
Mar 24, 2019Laura's Choice
Jul 28, 2019Laura Shoes
Mar 08, 2020Laura's Choice
Apr 01, 2020Laura's New Look
Jun 07, 2020Laura's Rescue
Nov 15, 2021Laura Meets Echo
Apr 28, 2022Laura meets Echo 2
Oct 28, 2022The Deal