V The Vampire Vigilante Chronicles
Chapter 1
V The Vampire Vigilante faces off against K and her gang of kinky kunoichi in her debut in Fetishville.
Chapter 2
Having proven herself a vigilante, V finds herself up against the Generic Thugs of Fetishville.
Chapter 3
V faces off against a revenge obsessed scientist. But is her Vampiric Wit a match for IQ's test?
Chapter 4
The Vampire Vigilante faces off against the scariest thing known to vampires - a Vampire Hunter!
Chapter 5
With a prolific serial killer haunting the city, V finds herself trapped between a justice system that fears her and a mysterious foe worse than any she's faced before. But who is the Vampire of Fetishville? And does V have it in herself to stop them before they kill again?
Chapter 6
With the Vampire of Fetishville's identity revealed, V's faced with a difficult dilemma: what does it mean to be a hero?
Chapter 7
V finds herself in the middle of the most difficult conflict of her short vigilante career. With a friend on one side, and her sense of justice on the other, can V face the truth? How can she save everyone when she can't even save herself?
The Ditzy Misadventures of Laura the Kunoichi
A novice ninja for the illustrious King Street Kunoichi, Laura's eager to prove herself and become a master of the art of Rope-Jutsu - a restraint-based martial art. Of course, Laura's ditziness and talkative nature often result in her getting more experience as a tie-ee than tie-er.
The Incredibly Awesome Adventures of the Amazing Marisu
The Incredibly Awesome Adventures of the Amazing Marisu! Also her "friends", Elena the Comminazi, and Sixteen the spoiled brat. But Marisu's the real star.