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  1. JMJIris

    Spiders, eh? Looks like it’s monster vs. monster this time. I can’t wait to see how things unfold.

    • Monster vs monster? I think V might object to being called a “monster”.

      • JMJIris

        Hm…Maybe bloodsucker vs. bloodsucker? No, that’s probably offensive too. You were right: Let’s just call it “V vs IQ”.

  2. DiDRulez

    Awesome, another comic and this one looks to be a web theme DiD

    • 🙂 There are some spiders. And some webs. But it might not be as spider themed as you think.

      • DiDRulez

        Okay, that means I can skip the saying “oh what a tangled web we weaved”

  3. StarLightZone

    Well it’s about time someone made a Batman vs Spiderman comic. I’ve been pushing for that thing for years!

    Seriously though looks great! I genuinely really enjoy these comics and V. Plus I do enjoy a bit of web DID so this should be a lot of fun!

    • Thank you kindly! I’m glad you like V’s adventures!

  4. maarvarq

    On the face of it there’s nothing special about the way that V is bound and gagged here, but to me eye she does look cutely vulnerable.

    • Aw.

      I do try and give her a “cute” aesthetic. I mean, she may be a vampire, but i hope she comes off as a cuddly vampire… if that makes any sense.

  5. Pokecaptor11

    Oooh, webbing. Can’t wait to see the villainess of this ark!

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