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  1. StarLightZone

    Hurray for the rerun of V!

    I really missed this series during the past couple of months so I’m real glad it’s come back.
    And if the story is anywhere near as high a level as the sass of those girl thug’s poses, it’ll be well worth the wait.

    • Rerun?

      Yeah, it takes me a while to draw, ink and panelize all the images…. 🙁

      • StarLightZone

        oops I meant return… There doesn’t seem to be a way to edit comments so I guess I should be more careful.

        It’s fine man, take your time, I’m just glad it’s back!

  2. John

    OMG! I can’t wait to see it all!

    • Once a week until the chapter ends.

      Then i’m afraid there’ll be another long delay as i work on the next one :(.

  3. Ishtartheunstoppable

    Can I just mention, that this comic wasn’t loaded into the comic archive, so to see the newest chapter, you have to either go through all previous pages one at a time, or go to the end of the current chapter and go back one page at a time till you find the first page of the most recent chapter. Putting a button that takes you to the first page of the most recent chapter, or loading the comic into the archives, lets you jump straight to the first page of the most recent chapter with one hop and avoids spoilers of any kind.

    • Oops!

      Thank you for pointing this out! It should be fixed now.


      I will see about putting in some more convenience buttons, too (like jumping to the first page of the latest part).

      • Ishtar

        Thank you

        I like how you interact with fans, quick replies, prompt action and a willingness to talk about your art and comics without getting angry or upset.

        You’re legitimately one of my favourite artists, not just for your work, but your personality too.

        • Thanks, i do try.

          Sometimes i do miss comments here and there though (i could be more diligent – but life makes me busy too :S)

          I feel like it’s important to engage fans. Especially when they are constructive about their points. Thankfully, i’ve never had anyone trying to flame or cause a riot for nothing. It’s almost always a valid concern or complaint.

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